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Average Annual
Housekeeping Salaries Nationwide

Housekeeping Supervisor  $29,000

Director of Housekeeping  $65,000

Housekeeper  $23,000

Executive Housekeeper  $41,000

Housekeeping Assistant $29,000

Hotel Housekeeper  $24,000

Housekeeping Room Attendant  $18,000

Janitor  $21,000

Laundry Worker  $27,000

Laundry Operator  $36,000

Laundry Manager  $30,000

Manager of Environmental Services  $57,000

Hospital Housekeeping Director  $85,000

Hospital Housekeeping Aide  $31,000

Hospital Housekeeping Aide Supervisor  $44,000

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How to Find
Housekeeping Jobs

Housekeeping jobs can be found throughout the U.S. in residencies, commercial offices, small and large companies.  To find your next housekeeping job we recommend the following:

1.  Update your resume with current contact information.
2.  Create business cards to give to local businesses.
3.  Besides visiting this site daily, we recommend signing up with an agency.  Many persons who need domestic services such as general housekeeping prefer to go through an agency. An agency can find housekeeping assignments that fit the hours you wish to work. Be prepared to provide the agency with a resume and references.
4.  Ask for referrals. Once you have a few satisfied clients, ask them if they know of other persons who could use your services.

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How Much to Charge for Housekeeping Services

If you are going to offer private housekeeping services first you will need to look at the home or office to be cleaned in order to asses how much to charge.  Set up an appointment with the owner of the home or manager of the office to gain understanding of specific cleaning requirements. 

Consider the following when determining charges:

  -square feet of the home/office
  -how often you will be cleaning (daily, weekly, monthly)
  -special requirements
  -if there are any pets
  -how many people will be needed to effectively clean
  -if you will charge by the hour or by the job
  -you should ask other housekeepers or housekeeping services how much they charge in your area as rates vary from state to state.
  -Be competitive with your rates
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